PA-Only Events

Pennsylvania offers PA-only events in addition to those offered by National TSA. These events are held at the state conference and, if a region chooses, at the regional conference.

Please note that rule changes may be announced for each individual regional and state conference. Refer to your conference web page for information about these changes.

PA-Only Competitive Events 2023-24

Event Tasks-

Event Descriptions

Cybersecurity (HS)

Applying leadership and 21st-century skills, participants respond to a cybersecurity challenge by identifying a breach in computer security via "Capture the Flag" games. Areas of challenge might include exploit development, digital puzzles, cryptography, reverse engineering, binary analysis, mobile security, etc. Participants must accurately address a series of on-site problems within a specified, limited amount of time.

Delta Dart/Sky Eagle (MS)

The Delta Dart event requires analytical thinking, experimentation, and interpretation of instructions in the solution of a designed problem. The problem is to construct a glider following specifications.

Digital Video Challenge (MS)

The PA-TSA Digital Video Challenge is designed to allow TSA members to demonstrate their skills in the field of impromptu digital videography.

Logo Design (MS &HS)

Screen-printing utilizes an area of screen mesh blocked off with a non-permeable material to form a stencil creating a negative of the image to be printed; that is, the open spaces are where the ink will appear when printed. Transfers and Direct to Garment (DTG) printing IS NOT PERMITTED. This contest requires the student to create promotional logo designs to be utilized for the next year's PA-TSA T-shirt, PA-TSA State Conference program, and the PA-TSA website banner. The Middle School or High School winner will be chosen to have the designs appear on all PA- TSA State Conference publications (website, mailings, programs, etc.).

The State Conference PA-TSA Logo Design contest is designed to demonstrate design, layout, production, and presentation skills of Visual Communications with a primary focus on the screen-printing process.

Materials Process (MS & HS)

TSA contestants entering the Materials Processes contest are required to submit drawings and photographs of a project that they have constructed during the school year. The purpose of the Materials Processes contest is to provide a means for TSA members to demonstrate their ability to fabricate a project or product.

Pin Design (MS & HS)

The PA-TSA Pin Design contest is intended for competitors to design a visually captivating and communicative pin that embodies the spirit and values of PA-TSA. Participants will have the chance to explore the world of visual communication, where symbols, colors, and design play a pivotal role in conveying a message. The purpose of the PA-TSA pin is to raise funds for the American Cancer Society, promote PA-TSA at Pin Trading at the National Conference, and boost PA-TSA pride.

R/C Off-Road Racing (MS & HS)

The R/C Off-Road Racing competition is designed to promote teamwork and problem-solving among students as they acquire the technical skills to adapt, operate, race, and maintain a radio-controlled off-road racing vehicle that will also perform a task while racing around the track. Points earned for the portfolio contents, the appearance of the vehicle body and piece for the task, drawing(s) for the task, and racing results will determine each team's evaluation. The task will change from year to year. The task and the specifications will be included in a separate document each year.

Robotics (MS & HS)

Students will design, build, test, and demonstrate a remote-controlled robot and necessary accessories in order to carry out a specific challenge. This event is not platform-specific.

Safety Illustration (MS & HS)

The Safety Illustration event is designed to encourage members' attention to the promotion of safety and safety practices when using any form of technology. The purpose of the Safety Illustration event is to provide a means for TSA members to demonstrate their ability to recognize safety needs and safety practices when using all forms of technology, traditional or high-tech.

Snapshot (MS)

The PA-TSA Snapshot Contest is designed to allow TSA members to demonstrate their skills in the field of Photography.

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