Chapter Affiliation

Interested in starting a TSA chapter, here is what you need to do:

  • Each chapter needs an adult staff member willing to sponsor the association.
  • Decide if the school is going to affiliate the ENTIRE BUILDING (CAP) or just a small group of students (Individual).
  • Be prepared to pay all associated fees (outlined below).
  • Complete the National Affiliation Process.

NOTICE: PA-TSA has a self imposed deadline of December 1 each year for chapter affiliation.  A $75 late fee per school will be assessed after this date.

What can you expect to pay?

  • If you choose to affiliate the entire school (BLUE CAP), the National TSA registration fee is $400.00 and the state fee is $160.00 for each chapter (Total of $560.00)
  • If you choose to affiliate individual students, the National TSA fee is $12.00/student and the state fee is $8.00/student for a total of $20.00/student.  TSA has a required minimum membership of 10 students so your lowest possible total to affiliate will be $200.00.  WHITE CAP affiliation is 10 students while RED CAP is 10 or more individually affiliated students.  If your membership is 30 or more students it is best to affiliate as a BLUE CAP chapter.
  • National TSA assesses a $12.00 fee for each advisor the chapter has with either plan. There is no affiliation fee charged by the state for advisors.
  • There is a $75.00 late fee for any chapter who affiliates after December 1.  Affiliating late can jeopardize your standing with attending regional and state conference.  Late chapters might not be able to participate in a regional conference.  If you are having problems, please contact your regional coordinator ASAP.  

We are ready, how do we affiliate?

  • Visit, and click on the “Join/Login” link.
  • Once you register with National TSA, our State Advisor, Brandt Hutzel, will receive an electronic copy. He will then activate your account on the PA-TSA website. If you have questions about the activation contact
  • iServices will usually open for chapter use starting on October 1 of each year.
  • After you Affiliate, please review the links for “Advisors” on the PA-TSA web site.
  • Ensure you obtain the most recent copy of the Middle and High School program guides.  National TSA now distributes the rules via a web site.  

Who is your Local Contact?

  • PA-TSA is divided into 11 regions (currently, there are only 8 active regions). Every chapter is assigned to a region based upon the school district’s location.